Consider Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Why should a professional beauty brand go ‘Cruelty-Free’?

As a British animal-loving company, United Beauty always says ‘NO’ to animal testing! Animal testing for cosmetic use is, sadly, still permitted in 80% of the world. Everyday animals are suffering and dying because of the cruel tests conducted for many of the well-known cosmetic products that you find on the market today. The only way to put an end to this, is to avoid the brands that profit from animal cruelty.

What criteria needs to be met?

United Beauty has been Cruelty-Free for over 20 years. We implement strict verification processes to ensure that all the cosmetic products we make and sell are not tested on animals for cosmetic purposes. We have independent auditors evaluate each new product for compliance with the Cruelty-Free regulations.

What benefits are there?

The reason most large professional brands use animal testing, is because they are faced with a dilemma. In China, it is mandatory that all cosmetic products are tested on animals before they can be approved for sale to the general population. If a brand wants to develop sales in the Chinese market, they must either conduct or commission animal testing. These tests are invasive and can cause cancer, burns and blindness to rabbits, dogs, mice and monkeys.

There are absolutely no benefits from animal testing. All United Beauty’s products, including our Attitude Professional Lacquers, have been evaluated and approved for sale by leading toxicologists and conform to the most stringent EU cosmetic safety regulations – which are probably the most comprehensive in the world – all without the need for animal testing.

What products are in the Attitude ‘Cruelty-Free’ range?

All the 100 colours and treatments available in the Attitude Nail Lacquer range are Animal Cruelty-Free, Non-toxic and Nine-Free (Camphor, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Toluene, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Parabens & Lead!)

What’s the history of the range? Its development, founding, etc.

Attitude Nail Polish is one of the oldest British heritage brands for professional nail varnish in the market and joined the United Beauty brands’ portfolio in the late 1990s. Traditionally, United Beauty has focused on offering the best possible products at affordable prices to nail professionals.

Why does being Paraben and non-toxic benefit the product?

Parabens are frequently used as preservatives to prevent microbial growth and increase the shelf life of roughly 13,200 cosmetic products.

Parabens are also known as endocrine disruptors as they can disrupt our endocrine system (glands), which affect every cell in our body. At certain doses, endocrine disruptors can cause cancerous tumours, birth defects, and other developmental disorders.

The Environmental Working Group, published in 2014, stated: “There is no end to the tricks that endocrine disruptors can play on our bodies – increasing production of certain hormones, decreasing production of others, imitating hormones, turning one hormone into another, interfering with hormone signalling, telling cells to die prematurely, competing with essential nutrients, binding to essential hormones, and accumulating in organs that produce hormones.”

Why should a Salon or Spa use ‘Cruelty-Free’ products in their treatments?

If the Beauty Industry wants to help stop the pointless cruelty inflicted on defenceless animals then we need to educate ourselves and our clients, and boycott the brands who profit from pain and suffering. By purchasing ethical brands such as United Beauty’s Attitude Nail Lacquers, you will be making a stand against animal cruelty. 

What advice can you give to Salons or Spas looking to go ‘Cruelty-Free’ in its treatments?

Salons can trust that all United Beauty’s brands, Attitude, Star Nails and Solglo are all Cruelty-Free. However, if you want more information, make sure to look online and check product descriptions and the information provided by their manufacturers. There are also several independent Cruelty-Free certifications such as the Leaping Bunny by Cruelty-Free International.

How can they market their ‘Cruelty-Free’ treatment to clientele?

Customers are increasingly savvy when it comes to selecting cosmetic products that are Cruelty-Free and non-toxic. This is demonstrated by the growing number of brands adopting a more organic or ‘natural’ ethos. A study taken by the Committee for Responsible Medicine, found that 72% of people regard the testing of personal care products on animals as inhumane or unethical.

Using ethical and non-toxic products can help set your salon apart and is a great selling-point to drive more customers to your salon.

What is the future of ‘Cruelty-Free’ beauty products?

The future of Cruelty-Free beauty products in endless. Beauty products do not need to be tested on animals to demonstrate to users that they are safe for human use. There is an ever-increasing number of alternative testing and evaluation methods to ensure that products are safe for use, without causing needless pain and suffering to countless of our furry friends. Choose Cruelty-Free cosmetics and choose brand s that do not sponsor animal testing, no matter where they sell their products worldwide.

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