GelTouch Starter Kit Featured in Sugarscape

Beauty Buy Of The Week: GelTouch!!

We are super excited that we have been featured as the Sugarscape Beauty Buy of the Week.

 ”If you’ve ever had gel nails before – you’ll know how much BETTER they look and feel than normal regular polish. There’s no lumps, no bumps, no annoying air bubbles and they don’t chip for weeeeeeks. And now, we’ve found a super easy way of getting salon-fresh nails at home and we’re OBSESSED.

Unlike other ‘gel at home’ nail kits we’ve tried, the Gel Touch Starter Kit allows you to use ANY regular polish on your nails first. Meaning two things: 1) you save money ‘cos you don’t have to buy loads of fancy ‘gel only’ colours and 2) YOU CAN WEAR YOUR FAVOURITE SHADE FOR WEEKS. Hollaaaaa.” –  SugarScape