Quite simply, GelTouch is a LED/UV cured clear topcoat that transforms ANY nail polish into a rock hard, glossy gel in only 60 seconds!

Yes, you read it right: ANY polish, ANY brand, ANY time, ANY where! How you want it, When you want it, Where you want it! At UB London, we are women who understand women…and what we want! So, dust off your nail polish collection and ditch the expensive, tedious and damaging gel polish to breathe a second life into your favourite colours! GelTouch is your own personal nail technician in a bottle! Simply apply a thin coat of GelTouch on top of dry nail polish and cure under an LED lamp for 60 seconds (or double the time if it is a UV lamp). Repeat for a thicker gel effect. Then wipe off the sticky residue with a Gel Cleansing Wipe and you are ready to rock your polish for up to 10 days!

Worried about the removal process? No problem, we’ve solved that one for you too… GelTouch is designed to be peeled off the nails or removed by a light soak in acetone (1 minute does the trick) and it does not damage the natural nail underneath – contrary to those nasty Gel polishes that are SO difficult to take off and SO damaging for your nails… “Easy on-Easy off” in the blink of an eye! GelTouch will become your new nail polish BFF!

Can and should be worn without moderation all year round…

Gelousy copy

The Revolutionary Peel-Off Gel Manicure That Keeps On Shining…

Back in the 60s women were stripping their bras to reclaim their freedom… Well, 2015 is the year of the Nail Revolution! Had enough of sacrificing: health for beauty, strength for gloss, safety for fashion? Don’t want to choose between your Nails and your Gel? Want to have it all? That’s why we invented Gelousy… A like for like salon gel manicure that removes by peeling off from your natural nails leaving them as healthy and strong as they were before the invention of Soak Off Gel Polish.

Gelousy gives you the bulletproof mani you deserve AND the freedom to remove it whenever and wherever you want. No harsh chemicals needed! Gelousy applies like a gel, looks likes a gel and lasts like a gel… if you want it to!

Gelousy comes in 14 geluscious shades, just pick your favourite and switch on the shine!