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User Review: GelTouch Starter Kit by Hannah George from


Many women spend their weekends in the beauty parlors doing manicures and pedicures. As life becomes busier by the day, there is hardly time to visit the beauty parlors. Fortunately, researchers and technologists are working day and night to ease beauty procedures.

How to strengthen nails

Achieving strong and healthy nails is the first step towards a successful and long lasting manicure. What then can one do to attain nail strength? A good diet enhances normal body functions. One can include the best foods for skin in their diet to enhance the nails.

Foods for healthy nails

Many people would prefer nail supplements to strengthen their nails. While they may improve nail strength, natural foods have better long-lasting advantages. Eating a well-balanced diet nourishes the nails from inside. The results are likely to be reflected on the nails within a short period of consistently eating the following foods.


  • Wheat Germ


Wheat germ is rich in vitamin E, zinc, and proteins. Wheat germ contains vitamin B6 which is responsible for aiding absorption of zinc. Combine wheat germ with whole foods of your choice.


  • Beans


Beans are a good source of plant-based proteins. They are rich in various vitamins which enhance nail strength and health. They nourish the nails hence preventing breakage.


  • Salmon


Salmon is one of the best foods for skin packed with numerous vitamins and proteins. Salmon accelerates nail strength and growth and gives them a beautiful glow.

Follow this Procedure for Long Healthy Nails


  • Avoid nail biting


Many people bite their nails knowingly or unknowingly. This behavior leads to stunted nail growth. Even though avoiding it can be an arduous task, it is good for the development of healthy nails.


  • Groom the nails


Manicures are good for short or long nails. Manicures help shape the nails, cuticles and soften the skin around the nails.

  • Moisturize the hands and nails

The hands are probably the most used body part. As a result of numerous chores, they tend to be dry. Apply moisturizer to keep them properly hydrated.


  • Avoid replacing your tools with the nails


Many people would rather use their nails to pluck a staple out than search for the staple remover. This process causes strain on the nail leading to injury or even breakage.


  • Eat well balanced healthy meals


A good diet enhances all body functions. For strong nails, include lots of lean proteins and green leafy vegetables in your meals.

Doing nails at home

While doing nails at home is convenient, many women lack the tools and skill to execute the process effectively. However, the invention of the United Beauty Geltouch Starter Kit is set to transform the nail industry. Today, women can do their nails, or transform their existing nail polish at the comfort of their houses, at their own convenient time.

The GelTouch Starter Kit review

A Geltouch kit changes how users do their nails. This kit has the capability to enhance the durability and appearance of old nail polish. Geltouch is an advanced system which allows users to do their nails at home. This system saves women lots of money they would have otherwise spend at the salon.

Advantages of GelTouch Technology

  • Geltouch is versatile. One does not need professional assistance to use it.
  • The gel touch gadget comes with a LED light which gives one the liberty to use it for all nail polish colors
  • This gadget does not restrict users to specific nail polish brands.
  • Applying nail polish using the gel touch system is easy and fast.
  • The LED light accelerates the drying process.
  • One can use the LED light to achieve different durable effects.
  • The gel touch system gives a scratch-resistant glossy finish which can last up to your next manicure.
  • When it comes to removal, one just needs to peel. This does not cause damage to the nail.
  • The gel touch system gives a scratch-resistant glossy finish which can last up to your next manicure.
  • When it comes to removal, one just needs to peel. This does not cause damage to the nail.

his lamp is powered by a replaceable battery.


  • Clear Top Coat


The top coat can be used over existing nail polish to give it a glossy smooth finish. Place the nails under the LED light to dry and harden the gel polish.


  • The Matte Top Coat


This matte top coat is applied to enhance the durability and appearance of the nails.

Where to get United Beauty GelTouch Starter Kit

The United Beauty Geltouch Starter Kit is available at It is reasonably priced and warranty details are available upon purchase.


As seen above, a good diet determines the health of the nails. Strive to eat the best foods for skin. This provides the body with enough nutrients necessary for healthy nails. Drink sufficient water to keep the body adequately hydrated.

Geltouch technology saves many women lots of money. This technology is also versatile allowing users to continue using their favorite nail polish brands. With the United Beauty Geltouch Starter Kit, one cannot have an excuse for chipped nail polish.


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