Jones + Jones GelTouch Review

Jones + Jones GelTouch review

‘Thank you Jones + Jones for such an amazing GelTouch review, the fashion brand tried out the GelTouch products for themselves and gave the GelTouch Starter Kit and Mini Kit a whopping and we may be biased here but we think well-deserved 10/10 for value for money saying
I’ve already convinced friends and family to purchase a kit. The larger kit retails at £49.99 and can be purchased HERE. It includes the large UV lamp and Gel Touch topcoat, which can be repurchased separately for just £14.99. If you think, a full set of gel’s or Shellac in a salon would typically cost around £30-40 and you get them once every 3 weeks, you are saving a fortune. Plus you aren’t committed to keeping a colour until your next visit, or worrying about them between infill’s. Instead you are in control, change when you want, re apply when you want and use on as many people as you like! I 100% think this is worth the money!’ and if there are any nail biters out there. Jones + Jones found that ‘Plus for those of you, who, like me love a good gnaw it aids in decreasing biting as it creates a hard layer on the nail that feels unnatural to bite.’
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jones + jones GelTouch Review