gelousy enchantress , peel off gel
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gelousy enchantress , peel off gel
Gelousy long lasting peel off gel
Gelousy peel off gel

Gelousy Enchantress


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Enchant your Christian Grey with cool and classic graphite. Grey, Silver


Gelousy Enchantress is a LED cured peel-able coloured gel polish. It is used to create a perfect peel off gel manicure in combination with Gelousy Top & Basecoat.

A light stone grey gel polish because Grey comes in many shades of play!

Instructions for use (also see Gelousy FAQs): Apply a thin layer of the clear Gelousy Top & Basecoat on the nails after they have been lightly buffed and cleaned. Cap the nails by brushing the product horizontally alongside the free edge of the nails to seal all the tips of the painted nails. Place under the LED Lamp and cure for 60 seconds. Apply Gelousy Enchantress in the same way as above and cure for 60 seconds. Always make sure that there is no stray gel on the skin or cuticles, as this will impair Gelousy’s adhesion to the nail. Re-apply a thin layer of Gelousy Enchantress and cure under the LED lamp for another 60 seconds. Apply a thin layer of Gelousy Top & Basecoat on top of the colour in the same way as before. Place under the lamp and cure for 120 seconds. Using the Gel Cleansing Wipe, remove the sticky residue from your nails. Don’t miss this CRUCIAL step or a tacky layer will remain and you nails will feel sticky… Use our United Beauty Gel Cleansing Wipes (or any 100% isopropyl alcohol liquid product) to finalise…and voila!  Now, you’re ready to impress!

Gelousy Enchantress is a light stone grey coloured LED cured gel polish which needs to be used in combination with Gelousy Top & Basecoat

Gelousy Enchantress also works under UV lamps…but it takes a bit longer (double the time recommended for LED cure).

For all Gel products, “Thin is in”…. the thinner the coat, the better the result and the longer lasting the manicure.


Gelousy Enchantress



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