gelousy starter kit
Gelousy the peel off gel!
Gelousy peel off gel
Gelousy peel off gel!

Gelousy Starter Kit


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Gelousy peel off gel.  A 3-Step Gel Polish system…

All the Virtues of a salon gel manicure…without the Sins!

Starter Kit includes:

  • 9W LED Arch Lamp
  • Gelousy Provocative Colour
  • Gelousy Dual Purpose Top & Basecoat
  • Hoof Stick
  • Buffer Block
  • Gel Cleansing Wipes

Gelousy Peel Off Gel Starter Kit

Gelousy peel off Gel Starter Kit contains everything you need to create a perfect glossy Gel Manicure at home without sacrificing your nails when it’s time to take it off! Gelousy is a revolutionary and technically advanced 3-step LED/UV cured peel-off gel polish! In simple words: you peel it off your nails when you want to change the colour of your gel.

Gelousy’s “Easy On, Easy Off” flexible formulation has been designed to allow women to maintain healthy nails whilst still achieving a glossy gel manicure. Gelousy manicure system protects the nails from the horrendous damage resulting from the soak off process required for traditional soak off gels in the market. The removal of these soak off gel polishes leaves natural nails weak and brittle and requires a long wait between applications to allow the natural nails to recover.

With Gelousy, you can reapply your gel polish as often as you want! Using advanced elasticised polymer technology, Gelousy lightly bonds to the curvature of the natural nail to create a strong, protective, chip-resistant shield over the surface of the nail, which can be gently peeled off when desired. This flexible formulation also means that Gelousy does not chip on the nails  – unlike traditional gel polish brands. And the shine is just unbelievable!

Gelousy provides a long-lasting, glossy finish, allowing you to get a salon quality gel manicure, minus the salon price, all within the comfort of your own home! Gelousy is quick and easy to apply; just follow our simple application steps and cure under our 9W LED lamp to get a head-turning professional-looking gel mani that will make all your friends Gelous! And remember… Good Girls don’t strip… their nails!!!

Wears flawlessly for up to 2 weeks and peels off easily! Comes in 14 Gelicious colors!

See how to use nail art with Gelousy…Click Here to see how to Get the Gelousy Gold Foil Nail Art Look!

Gelousy Peel Off gel Review

Gelousy Peel Off Gel review

9W Arch LED Lamp
Mains Powered

Manicure Tools

220 grit Buffer Block
Cuticle Pusher/ Hoof Stick
Finishing Wipes x 6

Gel Polishes

Gelousy Dual Top & Base Coat- 8ml
Gelousy Provocative Colour- 8ml

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