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The seriously-cute and ultra-portable GelTouch Mini Starter Kit. Transforms ANY of your favourite nail polishes into a high-shine glossy, long lasting, gel manicure that you and your girl gang will love.

GelTouch is an innovative, new breed of LED cured clear Top Coat that transforms ANY nail polish into a GEL in only 60 seconds!

Starter Kit includes:

  • GelTouch Clear Top Coat
  • Mini LED lamp
  • Gel Cleansing Wipes



Mini but Mighty – The GelTouch Mini Starter Kit  transforms ANY nail polish into gel nails. Anytime, anywhere for the girl on-the-go.

This little lamp is mini but mighty curing each finger in seconds for a long-lasting mani that keeps on giving and the USB connection means that wherever you are, you can just plug in and your ready, set, go for salon-worthy talons. The starter kit includes everything you need with the LED lamp, Gel Touch Top Coat, USB lead and cleansing wipes.

GelTouch transforms ANY nail varnish into a long-lasting, high-shine Gel manicure in only 60 seconds! Wears for up to 10 days! Simply peel to remove!


Think about it: you can create your very own Gel polish!… No limits, any polish, any time, anywhere!..At home or ON THE GO! Designed to last up to 10 days, GelTouch looks like a gel, feels like a gel and offers all the advantages of a gel but without the drawbacks. Cheaper, faster, simpler and more easily removed- GelTouch is an absolute MUST HAVE!

Whether you’re a manicure maven or a nail novice, GelTouch is your personal nail-tech-in-a-box! To get started, paint your nails as per usual, using your favourite nail varnish colour/brand (or you can apply GelTouch directly onto clean, natural nails for a glitzy gel effect). Allow your nail polish at least 20-30 minutes to dry on your nails (good things come to those that wait!). Once the polish is completely dry (psst…this is really important, your polish must be bone dry!), apply a thin coat of GelTouch Top Coat. Then, cure your nails under the LED Lamp for 60 seconds…And repeat (for super-charged longevity)! For a flawless finish an a longer lasting effect, always make sure to “seal” GelTouch by brushing some product horizontally on the free edge of the nail before curing under the lamp for 60 seconds. Finally, wipe the sticky residue from each nail using a Gel Cleansing Wipe…Et voila! Easy-peasy, seriously sexy perfect gel nails in no time! When you’re ready to remove, simply peel GelTouch off of your nails (or…if you’re having any difficulty removing, just lightly soak your nails in any acetone-based nail polish remover- no more than 60 seconds should do that trick- to help loosen the bond before peeling).

For further application and removal instructions, please go to our GelTouch FAQ page to find video tutorials and how-to guides. 

Go ahead! Try it! The results are worth it and we know you’ll love it! And don’t forget to post a review or send us a snap of your gorgeous GelTouch mani via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

GelTouch comes in 4 variations: GelTouch Clear Top Coat (included in Starter Kit) and 3 glitter variants: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Try one of our glitter top coats to glitz and gel your polish at the same time!

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Clear Top Coat


9W LED Arch Lamp
Mains Power

Cleansing Wipes

6 x Gel Cleansing Wipes

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