Metallic Wrap Adhesive + Black Lace Wrap Kit


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Metallic Wrap Adhesive + Black Lace Wrap Kit is the easiest and most effective method for making professional looking nail art. Use the Black Lace Wrap with the Metallic Wrap Adhesive to create spectacular and  easy to achieve designs. Seal with Finishing Sealer. Specially formulated to prevent crazing.


Metallic Wrap Adhesive + Black Lace Kit: Do nail art like a Pro! An essential to ensuring your show-stopping nail art stays put! Apply Metallic Wrap Adhesive sparingly to a varnished nail, wait for the adhesive to become transparent and then apply the metallic wrap to the nail ensuring that the backing side is adhered to the nail. Using a cotton bud, gently rub the surface of the metallic wrap. When the surface is fully coated, gently pull the wrap away from the nail. Apply a further 2 – 3 coats of Finishing Sealer to ensure the wrap is fully sealed, allowing to dry between coats. Surprisingly easy to use…

This kit comes with Metallic Wrap Adhesive (14 ml) bottle and a roll of beautiful Black Lace design wrap.

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