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GelTouch Gel Art Gift Set


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Glamourise any outfit instantly with this gorgeous GelTouch Nail Art Set. Whether it’s a Christmas party, a work-do or simply because you feel in the mood for it – we have your nails covered with our new GelTouch Gel Art Gift Set!

GelTouch Gel Art Gift Set includes:

  • GelTouch Clear Top Coat
  • Powerful 9W LED lamp
  • Tweezers
  • Gold & Silver Gel Nail Art Kits
  • Gel Cleansing Wipes

GelTouch Nail Art Set is our newest addition to the GelTouch family. This starter kit contains everything included in the traditional GelTouch Starter Kit, plus some nail art extras to spice up your mani! In your GelTouch Gel Art Gift Set you will find our classic items: a powerful 9W LED Arch Lamp; a bottle of our traditional GelTouch Clear Top Coat; Gel Cleansing Wipes – along with all of your nail art supplies: Gold Gel Nail Art Kit; Silver Gel Nail Art Kit; Tweezers.

Breathe…or brush a new life into your nail polish collection by transforming your nail polish into a gel with GelTouch! Quick, simple, no strings attached and no nonsense! Any brand, any colour or any type of nail varnish hidden away in your cupboard can become a gel in only 60 seconds! Wait! It gets even better!…Unlike traditional gel polishes, GelTouch’s innovative peel off removal technology will leave your natural nails healthy and undamaged, meaning you can now get a gel mani as often as you want, without worrying about any harmful consequences!

Use GelTouch Gel Art Gift Set to help your nail art masterpieces last longer and shine brighter! GelTouch Gel Art Gift Set provides you with all the tools you’ll need for a gel art manicure! To get started, follow the standard GelTouch instructions for use. Apply any colour or brand of nail polish, allowing the varnish at least 20-30 minutes to dry on your nails. Once the polish is dry, apply a thin coat of GelTouch Clear Top Coat. Before curing GelTouch, frost your nails with Gold & Silver flakes, foil, rhinestones and caviar using the Gel Art Kits included. Then cure your nails under the LED Lamp for 60 seconds…And repeat! (Paint and cure a final coat of GelTouch Clear Top Coat over your dashing Gel Art mani to seal in your masterpiece!) For a flawless finish and a longer lasting effect, always make sure to seal GelTouch by brushing some product horizontally on the free edge of the nail before curing under the lamp for 60 seconds. Finally, wipe the sticky residue from each nail using a Gel Cleansing Wipe…And voila! Just like that you’re an artist!

Designed to last up to 10 days, GelTouch is VERY easy to remove AND harmless to the natural nail (unlike traditional gel polishes that leave your nails weak, brittle and dry). GelTouch can be removed by simply peeling off your nails (or..if you’re having any difficulty removing, just lightly soak your nails in any acetone-based nail polish remover- no more than 60 seconds will do that trick- to help loosen the bond before peeling). For further application and removal instructions, please go to our GelTouch FAQ page to find video tutorials and how-to guides. 

Get creative with your artistry and try one of our GelTouch Glitter Top Coats (Gold, Silver and Bronze) with your gel art to glitz, glitter and gel your nails all at once! And don’t forget to send us a snap of your GelTouch Gel Art creations via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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GelTouch Clear Top Coat – 8ml


9 Watt LED Arch Lamp, Black


6 x Gel Cleansing Wipes (IPA Wipes)

Gel Art

Gold Gel Art Kit
Silver Gel Art Kit


Nail Tweezers, White Plastic

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1 review for GelTouch Gel Art Gift Set

    5 out of 5

    Great home manicure kit! Great kit, the lamp cures all my other gel polish. The gel doesn't last quite as long as salon gels.... However my nails are looking really healthy and the colours are gorgeous! I would definitely recommend to a friend.

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