United Beauty is back and ready to rock!

United Beauty is back and ready to rock!

Attitude Nail Polish is one of the oldest British heritage brands for professional nail varnish in the market and joined the United Beauty brands portfolio in the late 1990s.

Traditionally, United Beauty has focused on bringing the best possible products exclusively to nail professionals at an affordable price. Because at United Beauty, we reckon that a nail artist is only as good as her tools allow her to be… it is our job to ensure that those tools are up to the task at hand… or should we say nail….?

Star nails manicure tools

Attitude has a great range of traditional shades which constitute the base offering for a nail artist to create or recreate any mood on any nail. And as nail polish is closely linked with fashion, twice a year we launch a new collection based on seasonal catwalk trends and couture collections. Our ‘Fun in the Sun’ and ‘Cashmere Collection’ have been featured quite a few times in the trade press and have created a buzz in professional circles… because whatever you do, we believe you should do it with Attitude!

Nails are a platform for self-expression

Women wear their mood on their nails as much as on their lips. At United Beauty, we are women who understand women…and what we want!

But United Beauty is not only Attitude; it is also:, Glam Republic Gelousy and Star Nails are some of the most loved British cosmetic brands for beauty enhancement systems in the UK, more recently, it is GelTouch – which transforms any nail polish into a Gel and is the perfect complement to our Attitude collection.

United Beauty home to professional and retail cosmetics

Traditionally, United Beauty was at the forefront of innovation and a benchmark for other brands in the market. It has been discreet in the past few years as we re-focussed our brands around innovation in the nail market… yes, it took us a few years… Rome was not built in a day and Michelangelo did not paint Sistine Chapel in a month… but we have been real busy behind the scene building our new face to reveal to the world. But we are now ready to pull back the curtain and launching some revolutionary new products within our new retail website!

Actually, we already started last summer with our star product, GelTouch, a LED cured topcoat which transforms ANY nail polish into a GEL in 60 seconds that is easily removed by peeling or a light soaking in acetone – without damaging the natural nail.

United Beauty is back and ready to rock the world of retail beauty once again…

but hush… we need to save some things for you to discover for next time… So watch this space and in the meantime visit our new website and come say hello on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

And before we leave you, a last word: at United Beauty we are proud of our British heritage and we always look for British partners where possible, to promote our “made in the UK with love” motto, because promoting the UK business economy matters to us.

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